This is a bespoke service, so the possibilities are endless, but here’s an idea of some of the basic features that are included for everyone; plus some of the more advanced features that are optional:


  • Forward your calls
    • Get a business phone number with your chosen prefix (01, 02, 03, 07)
    • Receive “landline” calls on your mobile (or any other UK number).
    • No need to display your personal number in public
  • “Heads Up”:
    • Get a notice that you’re receiving a business call, so that you can always answer the phone appropriately.
  • Shared line (2 devices as standard)
    • Have multiple devices ring at the same time, and the first person to answer will be connected to the caller. This means you’ll be much less likely to miss calls.
  • Call Screening
    • The option to have callers announce themselves BEFORE you pick up the phone, to help filter out unwanted callers.
  • Call Barring
    • Block callers without a caller id.


  • Toll free numbers (0808)
  • Set open/close times: Forward calls to a different number or play a recorded message when you’re closed.
  • Forward to a colleague:
    • If you receive a call “heads up” and you’re busy, you can forward the call to a colleague (without the caller having to know).
    • You can also forward to a different number when you’re “closed”.
  • Track your marketing
    • Use call extensions or multiple tracking phone numbers to know the origin of a call. E.g. Using different numbers for your website and your leaflets.
  • Call recording
    • Record calls for tracking purposes, or to train your staff.
    • Have call recordings emailed to you
  • Shared line (up to 10 devices)
    • Calls are received by (up to) 10 devices. The first device to answer gets the call.

There are MANY more features and benefits available, so if you’re looking for something in particular, call now:  01158246268