Virtual Switchboard Features

Here are a few of the features and benefits you will gain with this service.

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Miss Less Calls

Every missed call could be a missed business opportunity. Miss less calls with an by forwarding them to multiple staff members.

First Impressions Matter

Get a "Heads Up" for business calls, and always answer them the right way.

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Every small business should seriously consider getting a forwarding number, and there are a number of reasons why. But right at the top, is security.

As a business owner, you need to be in control of your business assets at all times. And an often overlooked business asset is your phone number. You but it on your business cards. You put it on your website. You put it on your letterheads, correspondance, and all of your marketing materials.

Now, if that’s your personal number (especially a mobile), that creates security issues in and of itself, considering the endless horde of spammers and scammers trying to get a hold of our details.

And it’s not just that – but what happens if you ever lose your number? If you change business premises and can’t keep it, or you lose or damage your SIM? Yes, in most cases, you’ll be able to get your number back, but if you can’t, then everything you printed your phone number onto becomes useless.

When you have a forwarding number… Whatever happens to your physical phone, or your “real” phone number, you can simply forward your calls elsewhere, and business continues smoothly.

And at MyCallPartners, the functionality of your number goes WAY beyond simply forwarding one phone number to another. Depending on your needs, I can help you to set up a complete phone system, with multiple recipients, conference calling, forwarding callers to the relevant department, and much more.

So if you’d like to learn about the best system for your business, call now: 01158246268